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FREINET IN ENGLISH / comment partager des ressources?

Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 10/02/17 – 07:15

How to gather, create and share English Freinet ressources?


Hello, English understanding Freinet Friends 


(especially the people who do not understand French)




You all know the problem: how to find information about Freinet in English?


Lots of people are looking for it. People who understand French are very very lucky in Freinetworld.


(I am one of those lucky ones)




1. Questions to understand and investigate the problem:


Who of you recognize this problem for your country?


The ICEM website is full of useful information, but it is in French. Do the people in your country understand French?


The FIMEM website is multilingual: do you visit the site and do you find what you need?


       If yes: what is it that you use / like on the fimem site?


       If no: why not?


Does your Freinetmovement in your country provides you with documents* in your own language?




2. Questions to find solutions for this problem:


Gathering documents*


Where do you and your collegues find information about Freinet?


Do you have some English documents?


Does your movement have an English section?




Creating documents*


Do you want to translate information* into English? (information from Icem website, from your country, from any other language)


Do you want to write about your reflections and experience in English?




Sharing documents*


How do you want to store and find those documents*?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of the existing tools?


Do you think there should be created something new?


Do you want to help with any of the above?




(***when we say documents we mean all types of information, both historical and recent texts and articles)


The people who do not understand FRENCH can talk here about their needs and possible solutions.


Some people are not so much in trouble because their mouvement provides information in their language.


But for some people English resources are their only chance.  


I can imagine that if you find each other: the people who really need those resources, you could find motivation to create something together. 




Of course it would be interesting to investigate this problem for the collegues who speak Spanish/German/... and do not understand French or English, that is another investigation. 


The way i see it is that this is something that will be talked about here and on facebook until we have solved the problem and then during ridef 2018 in real life we have to talk about this subject in the assembly and language groups.

Let's start to find a motivated English community to solve this.


You can read more and give your answers about the problem and the solutions in the ridefswedenpage.

If you have facebook: please klick on the link here to read and join the conversation.



If you don't have facebook: please write your reactions here! 


We use every different communication tools because we have different people in different circumstances :-)





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