2018.09.21. International correspondence - mail art campaign

Submitted by Michel Mulat on 21/09/18 – 10:48

This year, finally, La Poste in France has agreed to issue a stamp in tribute to Célestin and Élise Freinet.
What to do at the international level?
If you are a collector you can order from Les Amis de Freinet a cancelled envelope with the First Day stamp (12-13 October 2018) on an envelope decorated in mail-art. Send us your decorated envelope, or choose it from the list on the page (under construction) cvc-freinet.org. We will send it to the written address on the art mail envelope. See price table below.
Otherwise let's make this post-RIDEF year a "Correspondence" year with decorated letters and envelopes. If we only use the Internet, let's decorate our emails.
We could make a correspondence wall in Quebec in 2020 with originals or digital copies of all these works.

Rates for a shipment from France - before October 12, 2018:

France EU and overseas
20g: Freinet patch = 0.95
< 100g : 2€
100 to 250g: 4€

20g = stamp F 0,95 + 0,25=1,2 €
< 100g = 2,5€
100 to 250g = 6€

Outside Europe
20g = stamp F 0,95 + 0,25=1,2 €
< 100g = 2,5€
100 to 250g = 6€

Our addresses:

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