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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 29/10/18 – 16:15



We noticed during Ridef 2018 that some of you have forgotten the procedures necessary to enter the FIMEM site


It is necessary to protect our administrative documents, our discussions concerning the organization of the Ridef and our debates of ideas BEFORE they are made clear and offered, if it is useful, for the readers of the public site.

It is about protecting our operations, our doubts and our questioning from not always benevolent looks.


Each movement has a country manager and sometimes also a technical manager who has the password to this site. After identification, he can find help for inscriptions on



If you want to engage in the reflections conducted about the functioning of our FIMEM, you can ask him/her  to register with him/her  or with Claude Beaunis, site manager.


We note that some of these managers have no activity on the site for several years. It is essential to update the authorizations to allow delegates and other colleagues involved to participate in the debate.

If you have forgotten your password, you can create another one by clicking on "internal space", then ask for  a new password.

In Ljungskile, you showed a lot of enthusiasm to participate in the various questions that we have outlined. Now you must do what is necessary for us to move forward together.




For the CA-FIMEM

Sylviane Amiet

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