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With regard to the Benaiges Scholarship, the MEPA maintains

Submitted by Luis Ricardo on 29/08/20 – 23:09

The Movement for Popular Alternative Education, MEPA, in Mexico, considers the following

- There is no need to create a commission for the Benaiges scholarship, since it is an ongoing project, which only lacks the funding that the C.A. owes it since 2018.

- We reiterate that the commissions of FIMEM cannot be integrated by people who are not part of the confederation. Flor Zaldumbide has not been a member of the MEPA since 13 August 2020, as we informed in the letter sent to the C.A. on 14 August 2020.

- We do not understand why Flor Zaldumbide is still the administrator of the C.A.

We hope to give FIMEM and the Benaiges project back the enthusiasm and vitality they deserve,

Movement for Popular Alternative Education (MEPA-MX).

Asociación Escuela Benaiges online
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