Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 02/10/12 – 10:01

Appeal to all the movements of the FIMEM and their members:
The FIMEM has decided to print a book denouncing the infringements on the rights of the children in the world.

To make this book the FIMEM asks all the movements and their members to collect documents which show and denounce these infringements.
Parts of this book can be newspaper articles, texts or photos. Please identify your sources by the newspaper’s name and the date.
We prefer however testimonies directly from the children (and adults): texts and/or pictures. Therefore we invite you to work in your classes about this theme.

The items are:
-       the right of identity(examples of negation of sexual identity, of the human group, which excludes others,…)
-       the right of different skills/possibilities(examples of bad integration at school, at work,  at institutions,…)
-       the right of living his childhood(children soldiers,  working children , their unions, the prostitution of children,…)
-       the right of his own cultural roots(examples of marginalization  of Romanies, Sintis, gypsies, the minorities in the world)
-       the right of health and well-being
-       the right of not being exploited(examples of children’s work, of poverty in families,…)
-       the right of education(examples of failure at school, of abandon school,  of discrimination of little girls,…)
-       the right of living with his family in a house (examples of partitioning in matters of  welcome migrants,…)
-       the right of time for playing (examples of ban, rules of the administration, of the houses,… of loneliness of children,…)
-       the right of security (examples of living in the streets, petty crime, circulation of drugs,… examples of hyper protection of parents who
abandon autonomy,…)

This book will be printed by the FIMEM and distributed in the RIDEF 2014 which takes place in Italy and which will concern the theme of children rights.

Please send the articles or texts separated  from your photos to: .