Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 07/09/15 – 10:15


NANTES (France) from 26 March to April 1st 2015
Federation International Movements of Modern School
Place  : Nantes.
The work took place at ICEM’s Secretary in Nantes. Nathalie and Sarah, the two secretaries, are there during all the work. A place for work and a kitchen was  reserved for us. We thank them for their availability, their generosity and their kindness.
The lunches are delivered to us and we organize ourselves for dinners at night.
Mia at Reno Geng and his partner-both teachers
Mariel at Karine Jaffré’s place in Nantes , kindergarten teacher, responsible of GD 44
Sadikh and Edward at Chantal Balthazar, trainer and committed in projects in Africa
Giancarlo at Chantal Balthazar until Saturday and then he moves at hotel for the rest of the stay
Sylviane at Odile and François Perdrial’s place
We are very graceful to each one of them.
Mia Vävare (KAP- Sweden) President
Sadikh Diaw (ASEM-Senegal) Vice-President
Edward Dohou (ABEM Benin) Secretary
Mariel DUCHARME (CQEM-Québec) Treasurer
Giancarlo Cavinato (MCE Italy) -administrator
Sylviane AMIET (GSEM Switzerland) substitute
Translation for INFOR 66
Mariel in English
Giancarlo in Italian
Pilar FONTEVEDRA in Spanish

Greeting and little news
Revision of the planning of the meeting
Study of status and constitution of FIMEM
Report on the organization for the RIDEF in Bénin
Quick information on RIDEF 2018 in Sweden and Ridef2020 in Québec
Roles, responsibilities and tasks of each member of the Board
2012-2014 guidelines
Workshop with François Perdrial and Claude Beaunis
Debate and decision for « laïcité »
FIMEM and RIDEF-Reggio financial reporting
Benaiges foundation
March 26
Meeting started with a round table which allowed   everyone to talk about him/her, his/her situation and his/her work.
After that, we agreed on the schedule to be adopted through the meeting. We started with the planning of the first day.
In terms of the statutes, the following articles were discussed: # 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
Deliberation No. 1
What is retained for each,
Article 1: no change
Article 2: add the application of children's rights
Article 3: With their application, the movements present their statutes, intern rules and report of activities to the FIMEM’s Board
Article 4: Non-payment of contributions between two RIDEF
 Article 5: Number of members on the Board, 5 to 7 persons
Articles 6-8: no change
Article 9: all expenses must be authorized by the Board.
Articles 10, 16 and 17-no change
Articles 11 to 15 will be worked on our next CA.
The following items will be discussed: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16.
Art. 1: How can we verify the “Charte” adhesion
Art. 2 Back on the article to see if the creation of several movements in one country would not be a problem. We will discuss about CAMEM and AMERICA RED later.
Art. 3: Review the categorization of countries.
Art. 4: presence AG, annual report, candidate selection’s criteria and process for presenting a candidate.
Art. 5: specify the work contract and effective pedagogy more clearly.               
Art. 6 : review the substitute’s role
Art. 7 : a) replace b) no change
Art. 8: no change
Art. 9: Must have activity report before elections and votes.
Art. 10: removed erogation,  add the word candidate
Art. 11: review how to count the votes and the veto’s problem.
Art. 12: review
Art. 13: harmonize different versions
Art. 14: review
Art. 15: Understanding percentages
Art. 16: review section about solidarity.
Finally, we made the evaluation of the day.
March 27
Deliberation No. 2.
Continue revision of the intern rules at next CA
Rapport on the organization RIDEF 2016 Benin, presented by Eduard.
Lot of questions and many proposals.
RIDEF 2018 in Sweden- A brief report on the organization was presented by Mia.
RIDEF 2020 in Quebec. A brief overview of the organization is presented by Mariel.
Responsibilities and tasks of Board’s members
Deliberation No. 3
Monthly Skype meetings 
The agenda should be sent by Mia three days in advance
Everyone must submit progress report before the meeting
Sylviane makes Skype meeting reports and send site to each for approval. After,  she puts them on the website(internal and public information).
The Skype meetings must be on identified needs.
For the moment, operation of the Board CA is disappointing. To get better, we need to :
·         Put some order in the messages that are sent.
·         Improve decision making.
·         stabilize the agenda because there is often proposals that never end.
·         Best definition of the task.
·         priorities : the first one must be : communicate and mobilise movements.
·         The roles are not assigned according to the talents of each person. Each of us has talents, potentials …we have to considerate that when we allow tasks
·         The communication circulation must be improved
·         When proposals are made, we must pick up all the proposals and make a final document. It is proposed to always work from a draft.
The president talks about difficulties with languages. On account of this, it is difficult for her to synthesize. This problem has to be analyzed by the Board.
The president was indignant for  the behaviour of Walter, a German who has resigned without any official letter.
She acknowledged a weakness in fulfilling her roles. It is important that tasks are well defined. Note that in the present CA, the communication has duly circulated.
Problems to recognize: the inactivity of the movements.
Each of us has talents, potentials …we have to considerate that when we allow tasks

Deliberation No. 4
Who do what?
Mia facilitated group and handles relations with the movements. She sends proxies for delegates, lead dating from CA, takes care of the Facebook website and Twitter, put documents on the site and see if the site is well organized and updated if it’s necessary (to do with Claude)
Sadikh help the president, improve email, prepares AG, manage the delegate list, presents a new project for the FIMEM’s new flyer
Edward did the reports of meetings, email archiving. He is responsible for coordinating the RIDEF 2016 in Benin, holds a chrono-mail of all mails entering or out going.
Mariel handles the budget with François Perdrial. She organizes the meeting of controllers and accounting, She propose various organizational papers to the Board and a document for different contributions for the CA
Giancarlo handles the communication with Latin America, with Red America, with Lebanon, Palestine and Japan, he manages lists of movements and philosophical space. He promotes the rights of children with Jean Le Gal. He assists the preparation of the RIDEF of Benin.
Sylviane make reports of meetings Skype. She creates a catalogue of materials on the website-She collaborates with Mia for contact with some movements or groups like China, Russia, Estonia, Switzerland, Greece
March 28.
We continue with the division of labour of the Board. At the end of the division, we developed Board's operating rules around the following
Deliberation No. 5.
Rules for operating in the Board
a) Communications (share opinions, make proposals and take initiatives)
b) emails (always keep the same title for posts, one topic by email if possible, answer all the mails we receive, answer to all questions, always write in French and English, for translation, help yourself with google  translation… not perfect but good enough. All e-mails must be answered within 72 hours.
c) Skype meetings (send the agenda and relevant documents before the meeting, prepare presentation our points). Two Skype meetings are already scheduled.
Remind regulation plans to replace a board member if he/she  cannot provide the intended work. In this case, the member will receive three monthly reminders. After these reminders, the member is replaced. This will be added to FIMEM intern rules .
Our meetings goes better since we use Skype.
The languages ​​that are available for translation at the RIDEF are French, English, and the language of the host if it’s different. We will try to practice that in Bénin. For the website, we must translate in every languages that are mentioned.
April, 29 and May, the 19.
d)The long-term calendar of Board activities is developed by Mariel and it needs to be regularly updated by each member of the Board.
Deliberation No. 6.
We review movements’slist: their names, countries and officials, still alive or not
Responsible of countries
African countries : Sadikh and Edward
Latin America: Giancarlo
Asia: Mia
European countries: Mia, Sylviane
North America : Mariel
We proceed at the evaluation of the day
March 29.
Deliberation No. 7
The 2012-2014 guidelines are reviewed (suggestion, not obligation).
A-The categorization of countries are now out dated because of changes in living standards. We must therefore review the annual dues and registration fees for RIDEF upwards to regulating and following a new division of the country. Mariel is delegated to make propositions. 
B- Cooperative organization of RIDEF 2016, 2018 and 2020. This is reserved for the meeting of Bénin.
C-Vote for RIDEF( 4 years ahead instead of 2) will be added to the FIMEM’s intern rules
D-Relations with national and international organizations for the defence of children’s rights and to defend our educational pedagogy and other associations, partners of Public School. That’s a task for Mia
E-Philosophical space : Giancarlo propose some subjects for this space like : human rights, methodology of our pedagogy, democracy, reading and dyslexia, public school /private school
F-FIMEM memory to organize with Friends of FREINET and researchers. Make a catalogue of documents so that every FIMEM’s member may access; keep official paper documents ,any useful document must be filed on the site in the part reserved for the CA. Sylviane is responsible of that.
G-Encourage the movements to defend knowledge as a common ressource. Giancarlo will propose a basic text to be sent to each movement.
H-Strengthening relations with the movements and continue to ask them to send their activity reports to the Board(or put on the website) to share it with everyone. This point is already set with the distribution of contacts with the movements for each member of the Board and with the letter that Mia will send to the movement to recall the shipment activity reports .These reports must meet some criteria demanded by the BD.
I-Ask movements what instruments they use to improve and defend our pedagogy.
In « language groups » ask them also witch tools must be produced and distributed by FIMEM (for example book about rights produced in 2014). We propose that there is a workshop in the RIDEF to discuss about instruments and strategies used by different Movements
J-Working for the new generations of teachers entering in our movements. Create a foundation that would give the possibility to young teachers to participate to a RIDEF.
Instead of talking about a foundation, we will consider solidarity to bring young teachers to RIDEF.
K-Ask the Benin’s movement(ABEM) to stay open to other African associations in educational vocation for good participation at the RIDEF 2016, continue negotiations with the government, prepare a poster and a brochure to advertise the RIDEF.-
L-Board has decided to write a text to take position in order to combat the injustice that denies citizenship to immigrant children. This text will be presented to the RIDEF of Benin. Giancarlo will present a project. (this added mention was suggested by  the Italian Movement )
Deliberation 8
There is a Swedish who offered to translate the book "Popular education" in English if we can pay for this job . Sylviane is designated to contact Freinet Friends to inquire if there is already a translation of this book.
It is proposed that the FIMEM publishes a brochure that talks about a key activity conducted within movements. Mia is designated to send correspondence to the movements to discuss their project and request to send articles. The movement’s leaders are responsible for monitoring the work at their level.
March 30
2 Workshops today. 
With François Perdrial
Movements contributions
FIMEM‘s budget
Reimbursement of travel expenses of board members
with Claude Beaunis
Individual training on :
How to manage FIMEM website
Explanation of drop box .Every member is on drop box now.
Documentation for RIDEFs
All RIDEF must be on the FIMEM site
ICEM offer his website for inscriptions for RIDEF in Benin
Deliberation No. 9
The « C « countries will have a substantial increase in their contributions to breathe countries « A »who contribute a lot so far. We will determine them by the IHD scale instead of OCDE classification.
The Benin’s budget for RIDEF 2016 is accepted
Délibération No. 10
Debate on laïcité.
After analysis of all the written concerning « laïcité » at Reggio and in the philosophical space,  the FIMEM’s Board initiated conciliatory text to put on the site. (See Site FIMEM philosophical space)
March 31.
Délibération No 11
Fimem, Reggio and Benin financial reports
This report is given by Giancarlo. He explain all the inputs and expenses by category. The MCE gave 10 percent of the inscriptions, 5025€forsolidarity and he repaid the loan to FIMEM. Accounts are approved  by the Board. The MCE has been congratulated for his good financial holding.
A part of the books on children’srights are entrusted to the Freinet’s Friends for sale : 4 euros /book will return to the Board for each sale. The rest of the books will be sold by MCE and they will keep the recipes.
Fimem’s budget presented by Perdrial.
Those who have not paid a part of their inscriptions in Reggio (40€) won’t receive solidarity for next Ridef.
 The budget for Benin RIDEF is discussed and approuved by the Board
During the RIDEF in Bénin, we propose to look for an African personality who promote our pedagogy during his professionnal  life.
Benaiges foundation The Board propose 1000 euros to be sent to Benaiges for 2015 and 2016. As weask, Pilar accepted to represent  the FIMEM for the ceremony in Spain.
April 1st, 2015.
The Infor 66 is read by everyone for corrections and  various  adds
Have proceed at the evaluation of the journey and the whole meeting. Everyone felt satisfied  with the work we done and the atmosphere  that prevailed  throughout  the meeting. We’re also conscious of all points that we must pursue.
Next meeting is likely planned in March 2016 in a country to be determined.