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Administration Council

Depliant Fimem 2018-2020 en anglais et en espagnol

Voici on line la brochure DEPLIANT FIMEM 2018-2020 en anglais et en espagnol, merci à la Commission Internationale "Traductions".

Des files avec les textes et le file de base de la brochure sont disponibles, pour d'éventuelles traductions dans d'autres langues.

pour le CA Fimem

Lanfranco Genito

Suite à la discussion lancée par Andi ... par Marta Fontana

I was not in Sweden during the last Ridef anyway I followed through the narration of some participants, the great part the Italian ones, and when I read Andy writing I completely agree with him and his notes about :

The BD of the FIMEM needs more helping hands. Andi

The new Board of Directors BD of the FIMEM has only four members, which isn’t sufficient according to the statues and the work to be done.


2018.07.05 Compte rendu du CA FIMEM


Minutes of the April, May and June 2018 Board meetings


We have decided to offer solidarity to a person from Madagascar so that she can create contacts and become familiar with the functioning of Fimem BEFORE proceeding with a possible membership application.

Compte-rendu des rencontres Skype du CA FIMEM de Janvier, Février, Mars 2018

 CR of Skype meetings of CA-FIMEM

CA FIMEM: Compte rendu trimestriel des rencontres virtuelles: Août-Septembre-Octobre 2017



-Report of virtual meetings of Agust-September-October 2017

Compte rendu CA, Mars-Avril-Mai 2017

 le travail du CA  de mars à mai 

2017.09.23 INFOR 70


Meeting report of March-April-May 2017

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