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Submitted by François Perdrial on 22/09/15 – 21:30


Dear friends,
As you all know, the XXXI ° RIDEF will take place in Benin in July 2016.
As usual, the CA of FIMEM will offer solidarity actions for African participants and to those of other countries that need financial assistance. Of course, this solidarity will be possible only if all the movements contribute generously as they did for the RIDEF of Leon and the Reggio Emilia.
Therefore we need a creative effort and source to collect sufficient resources for travelling, stays, inscriptions for people who need financial help to participate at the Ridef. The organizing committee of the 2016 RIDEF make suggestions regarding the Benin.
Here are some examples of what Italian people has done for the RIDEF of Reggio,
  • They invented the solidarity vouchers at a cost of € 75. € 50 that were devoted to solidarity and € 25 were subtracted from the amount of the registration at the RIDEF. This privilege could be used by the donor him/ herself or to benefit a student, or a precarious teacher, ...
  • to promote the participation of Palestinian , MCE has obtained support from teachers unions and established a fundraising through the internet. It establishes an objective to achieve by setting a specific deadline (p. Ex. € 1,500. 90 days). After that, the money raised is removed, taking care to leave a small amount (nearly 7%) at the site responsible (in Italy: 'banca del dono' = Gift bank)
  • in addition, they made a lot of parties, cooperative dinners, collections of money during the meetings of MCE. They also had money from philanthropists (researchers, university professors, friends, ..) and kept in touch with a lot of friends to have some collaborations.
  • You can make lotteries and auctions, print and sell bookmarks and many other events.
So good creative courage !
2016 arrives fast!