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Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 06/02/16 – 10:25
How to work democratically in our classrooms? Video-sharing cooperative research group.
This workshop captures the theme of the RIDEF on these points:
How to work democratically in our classrooms? How to educate our children to citizenship? How does participatory democracy reflect on mathematics / language learning / arts and expression /exploration ...? How does Freinet pedagogy take place concretely in the various subjects / activities in our schools?
Participants of this long workshop are requested to bring video fragments of their class, their school. We will work with these videos, so it's necessary that you bring your video material!
There are two kinds of video:
Type 1: you should bring at least one video fragment that you want and can give (usb / web) to other partipants. In the video clip you show us something from your classroom practice that works well, that you are happy with, that you want to share in order to learn from it together.
Type 2: you should bring at least one video fragment that you are not obliged to give away, but that you only show during the workshop. In this fragment you present a question; a problem ; something that does not work very well at the moment. We will seek solutions together.
Remember to bring a USB flash drive with enough free space or a computer, to copy all type 1 videos of other participants that are interesting to use in your own Freinet movement or in your school.
Note about video fragments:
- Put your video fragments on a USB key to facilitate its projection and sharing among participants
- Language, format and length of fragments: free
- Fragments theme: anything related to our practice in a Freinet class / school
We will work as a sharing and cooperative research group. All participants bring some of our content, in search of our questions about the realization of the theme of the RIDEF.
Try to answer some questions below with your videos:
What does cooperation mean in your class?
Does democracy exist in your school? In your class?
Participation: who? how?
How do you perform the morning circle? Individual work time? The organization of work and planning? Free texts? Sports? Learning languages? Art and expression? Maths investigation? Exploring the world?
We start our workshop with inventorizing our sources; that is to say who the participants are and what - what has everybody brought along? We will organize our research questions, like we also do in our classrooms. We set the schedule, according to the needs and desires of the group. We divide the tasks. We install a class council to structure our research group. Each day there will be work times and class councils, a morning circle, presentation and sharing moments ...
French and English. We speak French and we translate everything to English. If you do not understand French or English, it's necessary that you come with someone who can translate for you from French or English.