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Submitted by Antoinette Men… on 05/04/18 – 16:37

 CR of Skype meetings of CA-FIMEM

January, February, March 2018
1st wave of solidarity
To diversify participation,
• We made sure that at least one person from each Movement-Plaintiff would be helped to come to Sweden (regardless of where the funding came from)
• We chose to offer partial help to all rather than a complete help to a few.
2nd wave of solidarity
• As the solidarity donations of Movements and individuals (a thousand thanks) generously bolstered the coffers of FIMEM, we will be able to respond positively to late requests for solidarity.
• If they meet the requirements, we have also agreed to help a person from the "C" or "B" countries who wish to join FIMEM in 2018.
• This additional help will bring in a key person who has actively contributed to the creation or development of the working group. This person may therefore be different from the recipient of solidarity. In collaboration with its Mouvement-parrain, a presentation of the main activities of the group will be made in AG.
Important and urgent
In order to transfer funds for solidarity or affiliations, recipients must ensure that their full bank details (international transfer form including Swift and Iban ... not just a bank name and an account number) have sent to the treasurer of FIMEM.
The address is now functional. All members of the jury will now have access to correspondences and projects sent to this address.
Contributions 2016-2017-2018 late
In the absence of a written payment undertaking addressed to the Treasurer of FIMEM, countries that are not up to date in their contributions will be considered as non-members and will not be able to vote in GA.
The FIMEM and CAMEM boards have discussed at length a possible alliance between these two federations. Exchanges to be continued as no consensus has been reached at this time.
Aid to participate in the RIDEF
Movements, organizations or individuals who recommend or invite people to Sweden (with or without solidarity) are responsible for their return home.