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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 12/07/18 – 11:07


Minutes of the April, May and June 2018 Board meetings


We have decided to offer solidarity to a person from Madagascar so that she can create contacts and become familiar with the functioning of Fimem BEFORE proceeding with a possible membership application.

Board Candidate 2018-2020
The Board has invited Lanfranco Genito to participate in our next and preliminary meetings in Sweden if it so wishes. No follow-up at this time.

The Swedes
• will rapidly finalize and publish the complete programme of the Ridef;

• provide for the availability of rooms and equipment according to the anticipated number of participants for each activity: 400 places for plenary sessions for all, 3 projectors to allow simultaneous translation,... ;
• ensure the financial support of the beneficiaries of solidarity. In order to limit the commitment that this represents for the organizers, it should be limited to the duration of the Ridef (including Pre and Post Ridef);

• will cover the accommodation costs during the Board meetings before (old Board) and after the Ridef (new Board). The most economical conditions possible will always be the preferred option. Depending on usage, FIMEM will assume the restoration costs;

• If necessary
Propose a person from outside FIMEM to manage the time allocated to the various speakers and the animation of the GA. If necessary, this person should be well informed of the agendas and our operations. Prior coaching by KAP and FIMEM will prove essential;
Several Africans have had their visa applications refused. Swedes currently devote almost all their time to winning appeals.
New invitations to the Ridef
We agree with Lena's proposal not to enter into matters for new invitations to the RIDEF.