Submitted by Mariel Ducharme on 18/01/19 – 18:22

Launch of FIMEM International Commissions

We are communicating with the coordinators already engaged on a Commission in order to know the state of the situation.

Michel Mulat agrees to take charge of the "statutes and  RI" commission

Commissions will work independently. If they wish, they will be able to exchange information with the members of the Board.

If the number of interested people remains insufficient, we will appeal to the members of the former CA.


The Group of 11

The members of this group will be invited to become involved in the Commissions (as coordinator or participant).


Lists (names and e-mail addresses)

We create some  lists: delegates at the  RIDEF 2018, Ridefiens 2010 to 2018, beneficiaries and donors of Solidarity 2010 to 2018. "Customers 

FIMEM and Ridef" can help us with this research.


Integration of a 5th member on the Board

At our request, Flor Zaldumbide from Mexico has agreed to join the CA FIMEM.

A new distribution of files will be made from the document titled "Roles and Tasks on the Board"


International meetings

The Fimem will be represented at the following events:

RAEF5- Colloquium of Bordeaux-Biennials of Education-Red America, ...


Financial aid granted for projects:

CAMEM-organization of the RAEF5 in Burkina Faso in 2019-2500 €

MCE - help with the relocation of their national headquarters 1000 €

BENAIGES- contribution to the Bourse 1000 € (+ membership)


Policy for arrears

Movements that are not up to date in their contributions (despite the many reminders) are now considered "non-members" of the FIMEM. As a result, they will be removed from our lists and the 2018-2020 flyer.


Address to.cafimem

The address (to cafimem) appearing on the logo of the Fimem was considered  no  more functional, so  we created a new address   for the CA. It is now part of the FIMEM logo, which has had to be slightly modified.




This document , translated in several languages ​​has been sent to international organisations. The list of these instances will be saved for future interventions.


Requests and various offers transited by the FIMEM website

We acknowledge receipt and follow up when consider them relevant.

Two of them led to official reactions.


School the little ant (China):

We sent a letter of support and received a letter of thanks


Merchandising of Freinet's name

We put a text entitled "the name of Freinet is not for sale" on the Fimem website<