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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 04/02/20 – 16:47
CR October 2019 to January 2020


We continue to modify the site according to our needs and observations during operation.


Flor continues her research to update our relationships and responsibilities within the Benaiges Fellowship.


The commissions are finally constituted ... and  are starting working. If you want to join one, you will find information on the site.


We have accepted relatively high prices for the Ridef of Canada in the hope of avoiding a third deficit.

We see that country A is too expensive for our colleagues and hope that the next Ridef can preferably take place in country B or C.


We have evaluated our possibilities for solidarity at around €15,000 and are currently determining who will benefit from it.

All Ridefers requiring a visa must register as soon as possible to allow the Canadians to send invitation letters. It takes a long time to initiate an appeal... And we want to start this process as soon as possible if necessary.

We hope that movements or individuals from country A who invite a colleague directly will let us know so that we can diversify the origin of our colleagues.


We have received the Report from Sweden. You can find it on docs.google.com/document/d/1csULzAn5LYndHD6u-LhStV1KsFQ2Lh_RBuFltmjPcys/edit


We put two statements on the site. One on the rights of the child, the other on the climate.

We are happy to have had 17 participants at the Biennale on behalf of FIMEM. 

Several of them were able to benefit from the financial support of ERASMUS.