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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 20/05/20 – 18:27


Minutes of the Board of Directors

The year begins in routine... unaware that we are of what is happening on the planet.

We prepare the solidarity files for the Ridef...

We are calling for participation in the commissions.  

We are circulating an exchange of letters concerning financial management with the ERM in the hope that many of you will join us on this issue... without success.

We would like to thank the Austrian, Swiss, Dutch-Belgian and German movements for their generous solidarity letters.

We have to ask for clarification in our relationship with the Benaiges association.

We learn with regret that Bulgaria has not gathered the logistic means to take over the Ridef 2024 and that we will have to launch an appeal to all our movements.

Communication is becoming difficult within the board and creates tensions between us.

And then... it's the tsunami...

 ... No Ridef 2020 ...

We support CO in its disappointment and deconstruction.

We are sending you a letter of support for COVID-19

We are looking for ways not to lose the valuable contacts and exchanges made during the Ridef.

We are also trying to save our GA. 

We are sending you a letter on this subject and we ask you to join us in our reflection and management of this unlikely situation.

We are waiting for your answers to continue.