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Secularity and womens rights at the FIMEM - Summary of the discussion in the English language group, 2014-07-24

Submitted by Arnout Vandecappelle on 27/07/14 – 09:17


Present at the discussion: 16 persons, from Sweden, Belgium and Greece.


The discussion focused mainly upon the aspect of secularity and religious symbols, and agreed about the following points:

  • Who are we to decide about this? We should listen to others, not tell them what to do or not to do.
  • When we speak about women’s situation, we should do it right ourselves before we tell others what to do.
  • When we discuss about the school, we should ask the children – it’s their school.
  • Religious symbols are a “no-problem” in our home countries as well as in the Freinet movement.
  • It’s a provocation that we have to discuss these matters here.
  • It is more important to discuss women’s rights, but not as an aspect of religious symbols.
  • It’s the ideas (religious and political) that are important – not what people are wearing.
  • We are all in the same movement.

Notes taken by Mia Vävare, Sweden.


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