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Submitted by Sylviane Amiet on 09/05/16 – 20:22

FIMEM - Freinet Pedagogy

Place: Maison des Jeunes (The Youth Centre) - in Tiznit, Morrocco
Present: Temporary president: Sadikh Diaw (ASEM - Sénégal) Secretary: Edouard Dohou(ABEM - Bénin) Treasurer: Mariel Ducharme (CQEM-Québec - Canada) Administrator: Giancarlo Cavinato (MCE - Italie) Deputy member: Sylviane Amiet (FGR-GSEM - Switzerland)

Wednesday February 24
1. Letter from the temporary president 2. Restitution(restoration, reconstruction) of our different mandates (commissions) 3. Activity report 4. Brochure and manifesto 5. Relations with the movements 6. Reports from the delegates, from the responsibles of different missions, from the resource persons, from the movements
Thursday February 25
7. The General Assembly Agenda 8. Work Plans
Friday February 26
9. RIDEF Bénin - RIDEF 2018 - RIDEF 2020
Saturday February 27
Work in workshops in the morning
10. RIDEF Bénin: Budget 11. Projects: Arcade, Gaspard, Benaiges...
Sunday February 28 12. Solidarity 13. Criteria for the candidates to the board 14. Philosophical space (room?) 15. Management of the website and of the lists 16. Categorization and members fees for the countries A,B, C 17. Procedural regulations
Monday February 29
18. FIMEM budget and member fees 19. Letters to the movements preparing the General Assembly 20. List of matters to discuss

1) Letter from the Temporary President Sadikh Diaw
2) Reconstruction of our different mandates
Our Skype meetings work quite well. If all the members of the Central Committee have a sufficiently rapid connection, we can work regularly and efficiently. If so, we can cut out 1 of our 2 meetings between RIDEFs. These face-to-face meetings get very expensive because of the number of members on the Central Committee (6 until August 2015) spread as they are on several continents and because of the days added in the beginning or at the end of the yearly meeting due to non-available flights, the ignorence of simplified and cheaper procedures for selecting these flights and for visas, because of misunderstandings with our hosts (dates, number of meals...) In order to avoid these situations, we are proposing a policy of remuneration for this at Dogbo.
For everybody
The Central Committee has had to spend most of its time (without counting the time extra offered by Giancarlo and Sylviane) to help the RIDEF 2016 coordinator (planification, organization, tools, advice, follow-ups)
For some
For the time being we have distributed the tasks among us as follows:
SADIKH: sends mail from the Central Committe to the movements, prepares the General Assembly by managing the list of delegates. He also prepares a project for a new FIMEM brochure.
EDOUARD coordinates the RIDEF 2016 in Bénin. He is also responsible for the e-mail archives.
MARIEL is responsible for the Treasury together with Francois Perdrial. She writes summaries of the documents and makes a new schedule for the member fees, prepares the agenda for our Skype meetings and she presided the meeting we had in Morrocco. She handles the demands for solidarity.
GIANCARLO is responsible for the communication with the movements. He manages the movements list and the Philosopfical room". He has written several texts for our statements of position. He puts the texts on Dropbox. He ensures the promotion of children´s rights together with Jean Le Gal. He is responsible for our relationship with Benaiges. He is helping with the preparation of RIDEF in Bénin.
SYLVIANE writes the reports of the Central Committee´s Skype meetings and puts them on our website every third month. She prepares the Infors and manages the communication with the delegates and the people in charge of the different missions. She collaborates with Michel Mulat for a document catalogue on the website. She puts together and analyses the individual projects presented to the Central Committee: Gaspard, Périer, Jardes, Luc... She supervises our website and puts all useful documents there. She is responsible for the translationas and the contacts with the translators. She is helping in the preparation of RIDEF in Bénin.
General information
The e-mails within the Central Committee or to the movements are often left without answers or with incomplete answers.
We have stayed in contact with the members who have written to us, but have not taken any further individual contacts.
3) Biennal Activity Report
Following the RIDEF in Reggio, Italy, a new Central Committee began working with 3 new members:
- Edouard DOHOU (ABEM/Bénin)
- Mariel DUCHARME (CQEM Quebec/Canada)
- Walter HÖVEL (FK/Allemagne)
A first, short meeting took place at once in order to divide the tasks among the members of the Central Committe to enable them to implement the orientations and the recommendations of the General Assembly. The time was too short, however, to get to know the talents of everyone for the best fulfilment of the mandates given to the Central Committee.
Mia VÄVARE (KAP- Sweden), President
Sadikh DIAW (ASEM-Sénégal) Vice-President
Edouard DOHOU (ABEM, Bénin) Secretary
Mariel DUCHARME (CQEM-Québec, Canada) treasurer
Walter HÖVEL (FK-Allemagne) responsible for the contacts with the member movements
Giancarlo CAVINATO (MCE,Italie) member
We have met four times. Two annual meetings: one in Nantes (March 2015) and one in Morrocco (February 2016) and two meetings during RIDEF (in Reggio, Italy 2014 and in Dogbo, Bénin 2016).
From August 2014, the resignation of Walter Hövel made the start difficult. His movements hasn´t been apple to find any substitute for him, despite many exchanges.
That´s why the Central Committe contacted many different members and Sylviane AMIET from the Swiss movement answered us positively. Representative in Bénin 2014, she has willingly accepted to support the work of FIMEM and of RIDEF. We thank her for her committment and her hard work.
Later in August 2015, after a long silence, we had to deal with a second resignation; that of Mia VÄVARE, president of the FIMEM. Failing to find a substitute from her movement, the Central Committee decided to function with 5 members. That´s how Sadikh DIAW from Senegal became temporary president.
Concerning communication:
The recommendations of the General Assembly have been taken into account: there has been a distinctive improvement of the exchanges within the Central Committee through the monthly Skype meetings followed by an internal report for its members and a public summary every third month published on our website.
After a revision of the lists, every member movement has regularly received information about the work of the Central Committe and about the preparations of RIDEF in Bénin.
The Central Committee has also discussed the categorization of the movements in A, B and C-countries and there will be propositions for amendments at RIDEF in Bénin.
Moreover, FIMEM has paid an annual subvention of 1000 euros to the BENAIGES foundation in Spain, for the promotion of young teachers.
Support of the Freinet Pedagogy and of Children´s Rights
Jean Le Gal (see his activity report on our website and in Dropbox) and Giancarlo have made an enormous work here.
Relationship with ICEM and G44 (groupe Loire-Atlantique)
We had our first meeting in the office of ICEM. We thank the two secretaries Nathalie and Sarah who accompanied us and received us with great warmth.
We also thank Francois PERDRIAL and the members of Group 44 for the organisation of this week and for lodging us.
We met Chantal (who told us about Madagascar and about her Cameroun project, Luc (who informed us about his trip to Bénin in order to supervise a pedagogical project there)...
A project to create a website for the documents of FIMEM is under its way. A text by Michel MULAT already approved by ICEM will be presented at the General Assembly by "The Friends of Freinet" (Les Amis de Freinet).
A special thanks also to Francois PERDRIAL for his active support to the treasurer for the management of the finances of FIMEM and of RIDEF and of the accounting documents. We also appreciated his innumerable advice for the administration and the documentation of FIMEM.
We also heartily thank Gita Kovermann, Pilar Fontevedra, Maria Clara Aznar, Teresita Gardunot, Peter Steiger, Peter Jackob, Marta Fontana, Lena Alexanderson, who have been of an enormous help with the translations, hitherto exclusively carried out by Giancarlo and Mariel.
As suggested in the Work Plans and in the recommendations made in Reggio, we propose amendments of the Procedural Regulations to be put to vote at the next General Assembly.
For amendments of the Charter, an extra ordinary General Assembly must be held and we propose to hold it in Sweden in 2018.
Already in Reggio, the Italian movement MCE promised to back up ABEM of Benin.
The Central Committee has summed up the situation with Edouard DOUHOU at each CC meeting.
Skype meetings have been initiated between the members of the Central Committee (Giancarlo and Sylviane) and the Bénin organizing group of RIDEF(CPO). This backing-up have monopolized almost the totallitu of the time for the Central Committee and often at the cost of many other questions they ought to have paid attention to.
VIII SOLIDARITY SUBVENTIONS (for the organization, for RIDEF, for FIMEM)
Information about this will be presented to you in Dogbo, at the same time as the financial statements of 2014-2015 and the projected budget of 2016-2017.
We have corresponded with the different movements that have contacted us. We have received the Charter of CAMEM and of the AMERICA NETWORK (Red America). We have also sent a letter of support to the RAEF meeting that took place in Togo in 2015.
The member movements haven´t showed any interest in the General Assembly´s proposal to create a FIMEM leaflet, despite our solicitations. Therefore we have renounced the idea for the time being. As an alternative we have proposed to publish a manifesto on Childrens Right´s with examples from our schools. Also this resulted in silence from the movements. During RIDEF this will be a question in the language groups and perhaps the subject for a short workshop.
Following briefly is a summary of the work done between RIDEF in Reggio Emilia and the one in Dogbo
We can´t finish without pointing out that 50 years after the death of Freinet, we need to ask ourselves about what concrete possibilities we have for peace education, for cooperation, for our desire of a better future. Malala expressed it so well in her speech in the United Nations:
"one teacher, one notebook , one pencil can change the world"
We have to be conscient of the challenges on our planet and prepare us... because the problems will certainly be longstanding.
We all have to work hard for a modernization and for an improvement of our education practice. A less "disciplinarist" school which is more open to the multi-faceted realities of the world could be a way to strenghten the individuals and to give them confidence and hope.
4) Brochure and Manifesto
We haven´t received any answers to our proposal to make a brochure ( a leaflet with one page for each movement) neither for a manifesto on Children´s Rights. We have therefore given up these ideas for the time being. A short workshop or a discussion in the language groups will possibly be proposed in Dogbo.
5) Contacts with the Member Movements
Until now we have received activity reports from the following movements:
- Cameroun (AECEMO) - Italie(MCE)
You can see them on the FIMEM website or in Dropbox.
We find, alas, that there is little interaction between the Movements and the Central Committee. The future CC and all the Movements ought to work harder in this direction during the years to come.
In the Work Plans for 2016-2018 we propose to revive a "multiletter" or to create a communication tool which could improve our contacts.
6) Delegates, people responsibles for missions , external resource persons for FIMEM
We try to identify, to clarify and to seperate these different responsibilities. So far we are at this point :
Delegate - a more permanent function - Jean Le Gal-Children´s Rights
In charge of a mission - punctual mandate - Michel MULAT-concerning the archives lien http://www.fimem-freinet.org/fr/node/2611 - Olivier FRANCOMME concerning The Tzech Republic, Greece and China lien http://www.fimem-freinet.org/fr/node/2599
External resource person - partner - Luc Herbreteau: project in Bénin lien http://www.fimem-freinet.org/fr/node/2599
All reports received are put on our website and in Dropbox as they arrive
What about - where do we place: Georges Bellot (Palestine), Teresita Gardunot (Red America "Network America") and others we have forgotten, we should strike off the list or add.

7) Organization of the General Assembly

Agenda an attachment
We have distributed the tasks for the members of the Central Committee for the 3 Assemblies and edited the official agenda
- middle of April 2016 at the latest: sending out of the convocation and the documents for General Assembly and put them on our website
- June 15, 2016 at the latest: having received the candidatures for the Central Committee
- June 30, 2016 at the latest: having received the applications for membership to FIMEM
- July 18, on Monday at 14 o ´clock: the Central Committe meets the movement delegates to study the Agenda
- July 18, on Monday at 15 o´clock: the Central Committee meets the responsibles of the long workshops to prepare the presentation of the long workshops

8) Work Plans
Biennal Report for 2014-1016 and Forwarding Program for 2016-2018 are sent to you separately

9) RIDEF 2016 in Dogbo
Today, the 26th of February 2016, we have a dozen inscriptions. Some proposals for the long workshops have arrived as well as some proposals for the short workshops.
The 9 plenary meetings in Dogbo:
1.Monday 18 at 16.00 o´clock: Opening ceremony L´ABEM wish you welcome and defines the theme Tribute to the memory of Eustachio Prudencio Sadikh presents the participating countries Speeches of the authorities Giancarlo speaks about 50th anniversary of the death of Freinet and our projects for the future
2. Tuesday 19 at 9 o´clock: Presentation of the long workshops ( with inscription boards)
3. Wednesday 20 at 15 o´clock: 1st General Assembly A minute of silence for our deceased friends: Michel Barré, Germain Roux, Giuseppina Marastoni, Biancamaria Pectini, André Dejaune,... If other friends, not present among those above, have left us between 2014 and 2016, we ask you to inform us and send a photo and some details about them.
4- 5.Friday 22 - The Forum Day Reception of the authority representatives and our guests. We open the doors to our long workshops from 9 - 10.30 to let our guests discover our way of working. 2 round-table discussions: In the morning from 11-12.30 Theme: pedagogical In the afternoon from 15-17 Theme: political - slavery 6. Saturday 23 2nd General Assembly (in language groups)
7. Tuesday 26, 9 - 11 o´clock Presentation of the work done in the long workshops
8. Tuesday 26, 15 - 18 o´clock Final Plenary Assembly for voting and decision-taking
9. Wednesday 27, 9-11 o´clock Synthesis and Assessment of the RIDEF
4 places to visit by bus:
1. OUIDAH: Porte de Non-Retour (slave route)2. GANVIER : Village on piles in the lake3. DOGBO: Archelogical site4. ABOMEY: Royal city
INTERCULTURAL EVENINGS: 2 evenings are programmed to present the different movements 2 evenings are programmed for Bénin music groups and others
INTERNATIONAL BUFFET Bring your traditional food, but think of how you can store it

In the morning we worked in pairs or individually to improve our respective documents.

10) The RIDEF budget
We haven´t been able to accept the present budget which was too undefined and incomplete. We proposed a book-keeping model to Edouard and ask him to make a new, more detailed budget and show it to us before the end of March in order to see if we can accept it then.

11) Projects
"Arcade de Nantes"
We have obtained a place for a consignment of containers at a price of 50€. We have been able to send dictionaries for countryside schools, paper and various material for RIDEF.
A second and final scholarship of 1000€, for young students, is given to Benaiges. We will see to that our funds will help young teachers in other countries as well with their training .
Project "Efreinetic"
We have chosen to stop our support to this project. We find it wiser to invest in projects for the training of teachers and particularly in projects coming from a specific request of the possible participants in question

12) Solidarity (document on the website)
We have only received one request for international solidarity (Gabriella from Uruguay)
and one African request (Antoinette from Cameroun).
As things being so, we have decided to accept all requests as long as there are funds left in our "solidarity budget" (the one who arrives first is attended first, regardless of the date of the request).
However, as there often are problems of obtaining visas when the applications arrive too late, we strongly recommend you to fill in the application form by the end of April (see form at the end of "strategic guidelines for the solidarity" on our website)
The solidarity money will be managed, either by FIMEM or by ABEM, according to the wishes of the contributing movement.
We have elaborated a document called "Guidelines" which specify our arguments and defines the conditions to fulfil for obtaining solidarity aid. This document is placed on the website and it has also been sent to all movements.
The Solidarity money of FIMEM is awarded according to the criteria of article 16 in the Procedural Regulations.
The fact that the participant, who had been given solidarity money, paid 40€ when he arrived, caused great problems for the Italians in 2014. This year, on trial, we will substract this sum from the solidarity money given to our collegue.
The solidarity money doesn´t include the cost for the visa, neither for the necessary travels to get it, nor for the travels to buy a flight ticket.
The person who has been given solidarity money must apply for a visa IMMEDIATELY after having booked his ticket... and not wait until the month preceeding his departure.
Participants from the neighbouring countries pay their own travelling costs.However, if people coming from countries not too far away go by bus, a part of their travelling costs will be refunded and we thank them for having chosen this economical way of travelling. Their choice will facilitate the participation of more colleagues!

13) Criteria for candidature to the Central Committee (document will follow)
We propose a series of more detailed criteria than the ones in the existing regulations to simplify our work and to take advantage of the opportunities that Skype offers. Considering the high cost for transports, we think that a central committe of 5 members would be sufficient provided that everybody are really committed and work hard with their assigned tasks.

14) Philosophical page
Giancarlo and the Italians have written several interesting texts here. We are disappointed at the lack of reactions from the FIMEM members.

15) Management of our website
We are struggling with the management of our website and the lack of available translators being able to help is a great problem. The different ways people title the documents they put on the site also create a certain confusion.

16) Categorization and annual fees for countries A,B,C (document will follow)
Considering your demands, we will put to the vote a new proposal for categorization, based on the 2014 Index of Human Development. No categorization will ever be perfect, but this one has the advantage of being easy to use.

17) Procedural Regulations and Statutes
We have studied the amendments of the procedural regulations and we will put them to the vote at the General Assembly.

18) FIMEM budget and fees (will be presented at the General Assembly in Dogbo)
At the request of Mariel, Francois Perdrial sends her a detailed record of the accounts and the budget adjusted to the financial movements. He also answers the treasury´s questions about the fund management of FIMEM. Every third month Mariel makes a report on the budget for the other members on the Central Committee.
We also discussed the extra expenses that are caused by having a Central Committee that is international. We are elaborating a policy of repayment which states that only the the meeting time plus one day before and one day after the meeting will be refunded by the FIMEM.
At the moment only a few movements have paid their annual fees (+10%). We remind you that their payment, as well as an annual acitivty report, is indispensible for voting at the General Assembly

19) Letters to the Movements to prepare the General Assembly
We are writing the first drafts of the documents that are to be completed by the Movements.The documents have to be sent in by the end of May 2016 at the latest. Deadline for returning the documents is June 15th 2016 at the latest.
The next meeting of the Central Committee in Dogbo
The Central Committee will meet during 3 days, from July 15 at 10 o´clock in order to prepare the General Assembly. During RIDEF, the Central Committee will meet every day except on the excursion day.

Item no 2016-01
The FIMEM Central Committee gives ABEM the task of paying tribute to our friends deceased 2014 to 2016 as well as to Eustache Prudencio, the first African to practise and to teach the Freinet Pedagogy.
Item no 2016-02
FIMEM doesn´t accept the budget for RIDEF in Dogbo. We ask Bénin to present a credible budget by the end of March. We will take a final decision at that date..
Item no 2016-03
The Central Committe of FIMEM has offered to pay the cost for sending a container with material for ABEM and for the RIDEF in Dogbo.
Item no 2016-04
The Central Committee of FIMEM will meet 3 days before and 3 days after the RIDEF to reduce the number of meetings, which are very expensive due to the intercontinental journeys. In this way we can take advantage of the fact that everybody is on the spot already. The present committee will thus meet 3 days before the RIDEF and the new committee will have its first meeting during the 3 days following RIDEF (taken in account your candidacy to the Central Committee)




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