Summary of the Board's virtual meetings of September, October and November 2016

Submitted by Antoinette Men… on 08/02/17 – 20:18

CAMEM convention The convention is being finalized with Samie and is now at the FIMEM Board level to be examined. Nuccia, Mariel, Sylviane and Antoinette have already collected information to give a clear picture to the Board as to its position concerning the convention. Congo and Burkina Faso project The project is at the Board level and analyses will be carried out in January. Translation of texts The general motion on education, infor69 and the President's letter are already translated into English and Spanish. After the requests for voluntary translators of FIMEM's fundamental texts, the following translators are available : English : Alfonso and Flor Spanish : Giancarlo, Luba and Nagonou Abel. Recovery of 2750 euros The request to recover 2750 euros sent to Haiti concerning the missed trip to the Dogbo ridef is made by Mariel, but the funds have not been recovered yet. Indeed, within the frame of its solidarity programme FIMEM paid for the costs of the trip of a Haitian person for the Dogbo RIDEF. The person never showed up at the RIDEF, without any valid reason. Cameroon show The project on the second Cameroon show is sent to the Board by Antoinette. Benaiges grant FIMEM has already paid 1000 euros for the 2016 membership fee. It suggests giving 500 euros as membership fee for a start. Lists  The list of the ridef members as well as that of delegates to the ridef are already available. The list of the FIMEM movements is being drawn up. The meeting of all members will take place in Benin from June 28 to July 4, 2017. The site The Dogbo tab is deleted. Biennial cards Applications for the biennial cards of movements must be submitted to the movements themselves. Dogbo ridef's financial balance The Dogbo ridef's statement of accounts is sent to the Board. The accounts are now to be finalized.

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