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Philosofical space commission

Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 20/01/21 – 10:40

I, the undersigned Giancarlo Cavinato, did not understand that I had to coordinate a commission which, until the summer assembly, was composed of myself and Sylviane Amiet. Olimpia Barba from Naples was added and I find her included among the participants in the commission. But she communicates that she can no longer take on this task.
The contacts between me and Sylviane over the last year were aimed at transmitting texts to be published on the Fimem site, and at the request to write an invitation for the site to intervene actively in the philosophical space. Space created at the Ridef in Nantes (2010). So I wrote the following text for the opening of the new philosophical space.

« How can we develop the philosophical space on the FIMEM site and make it a living platform To exchanges on the subjects that currently preoccupy us: climate change, migrations, indifference for childhood, essential knowledge, perspectives, ...? »

Over time, I have written or collected and sent the following texts to the site for pedagogical and political sharing between the movements, in order to advance in the pedagogical elaboration. I also remember that after the end of the BT international commission, the only other operational tool Fimem had was the book ''We must not remain silent'' on the violated rights of children in the developed world  presented during the Ridef of Reggio Emilia.  You can find  on


Certainly,  I believe it is essential for our federation to have at its disposal a variety of tools to use and propose in the educational situations we are dealing with.
By browsing through the old and the new pages of the site, you will find:
- Ridef 2014 organising group La pédagogie aujourd'hui (posted by F.Perdrial 2015)
-G. Cavinato (for the FIMEM CA) Knowledge as well as common good to be promoted (posted by F. Perdrial 2015)
-EAST. Bottero Pedagogy for a democratic society (report for Dogbo's Ridef 2016 published by S.Amiet 2016)
-G. Cavinato Cooperation (published by A. Mengue 2018)
-MCE Poster proposal on evaluation (posted by C. Beaunis 2018) and announcement on the error issue of Cooperazione Educativa (posted by A. Mengue 2019)
-MCE Venti de guera(posted by A. Mengue 2019)
- Manifesto of the national language group MCE Educating to Speak (published in June 2020)
-G. Cavinato Réflexions pour la Ridef in Canada (released in late 2018, broadcast in July 2020)
Previously, during my participation in the BD FImem (2010/2016), I had sent a text by N. Vretenar on dyslexia and learning difficulties and as BD in 2015, we had issued a recommendation to governments on the rights of immigrant children. Other texts that appear are the new Charter of the Modern School approved in Nantes 2010, by P. Fontevedra and F. Perdrial (debate on secularism 2014), by T. Garduno on women's rights, on the communication by C. Chabrun and the departmental group ICEM 75, of the MEPA on the pandemic, an extract from the 1992 Multiletter after the Ridef de Poitiers on secularism, contributions by Jean Le Gal on children's rights and participatory democracy and others ...
And at the Ridef 2018 in Sweden, we approved a manifesto on emigration to be sent to the governments of our countries.
These are all essential issues for a federation like ours. However, what doesn't seem to work in the sense of not involving the movements and resulting in common practice is the reaction to these messages, which is totally lacking. If the philosophical space is like a blog, it is necessary to provide an interlocutor, stimulating interventions. For example. on evaluation, which should be important for us, only A. Mengue answered. However, years ago there was a debate on the effects of P.I.S.A. tests.
The function of a commission is therefore, in my opinion, to collect questions, to relaunch proposals, to stimulate debate, to open up a field of comparison and documentation of experiences. The philosophical space is not a showcase but a space for debate and discussion according to the stimuli that are proposed ...
In this sense, the commission is an open group and invites participation. G. Cavinato

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