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Charter of the educator defender of children's rights

Submitted by Claude Beaunis on 28/10/22 – 10:37
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Charter of the educator defender of children's rights

1. Recognize each child in particular by promoting their own identity.

2. Create appropriate conditions to listen to and to let the children express themselves.

3. Make children aware of their rights through concrete experiences.

4. Create the conditions so that each child can express and show all his abilities and successes.

5. Support the children's point of view in confrontation with adults and even institutions.

6. Take into account and welcome in a positive way the expression of children's emotions.

7. Support children in their projects to transform their environment to have more natural spaces and more play areas.

8. Accompany children in solidarity projects with other children to help them exercise their rights.

9. Help children outside of school: in families through their information on children's rights, in the city through municipal children's councils, in places where children's rights are reduced.

10. Full inclusion means to welcome all children, regardless of their situation, without any discrimination.

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